About Us

Worldwide Youth Sports is the world’s largest sports social network created to connect youth from pee wee leagues through college level who share the same passion for sports. Worldwide Youth Sports also serves as a platform for youth athletes to showcase their talents and post highlights of their choice from their games or competitions unlike major sports channels that only shine the spotlight on a select few. Our network will allow members to stay current with local, national and international announcements pertaining to their sport of interest.

Over the course of twenty years as a parent of child athletes, I’ve witnessed how many relationships develop throughout seasons, various leagues, and tournaments. As my kids grew older, they didn’t always go on to play for the same teams as their friends. Only in passing between games or tournaments would they be able to catch up. The rigorous practice schedules also limit a player’s ability to socialize with other players or friends outside of their team.  Worldwide Youth Sports is the perfect way to stay in touch with former and current teammates as well as meet new youth who share the same love for their game.

As a logged in member of Worldwide Youth Sports you have access to an international network of youth who thrive with your same passion, dedication and drive at your fingertips through the convenience of any electronic device.  We welcome you and hope you enjoy your experience!